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It’s people and teams that make truly game-changing products and it’s people who upscale brands and businesses. 

Here is our awesome team

Over the years, we’ve hand-picked the best Business Nurturers and Strategists to help you

 smash the status quo and put your stellar vision into motion. 

My whole life has been based on turning things around. Since the age of 21, I’ve been a business consultant with a nurturing soul. With my own business strategy, I endeavour to be a changemaker and I promise to be authentic with you, too.


Entrepreneur|Founder|CEO| Investor|Advisor

Digitalisation is my passion; I can analyse a product, assess what’s working and what’s not and help you take an idea and strategise the whole digitalising process. With years of experience of games, interactive design, QA and digital arts I can make your product stand out.


Digital Strategist| Gamfication|Games Design|QA

How do you encourage a potential market to think the way you do? By producing top-quality articles, blog posts and website copy, of course! An ex-primary teacher and passionate educator, I know how to inspire kids, engage parents and placate governors.


Writer|Copywriter|EDITOR| EDUCATOR|Curriculum Mapper

I present engaging video content to meet your audience’s needs. Having garnered a sound social media following, I can help you decide the best platforms for marketing your content. An experienced project manager, I can get a team to work together effectively.


Video Producer|Video Editor| SEN Specialist|ESL

Structure and tradition bump up against creativity and rebellion from my two degrees: English and Drama. Giving me a perspective that's forensic and open-hearted. I’ll write your story, narrate or act it out, and produce all manner of creative content for you.


Voice Actor|Story Writer| ACTOR|Content Creator

I’m passionate about helping individuals with neurodivergent conditions to thrive as well as empowering organisations to be more inclusive in their working practices. I also offer Coaching & Inspirational Talks to raise awareness and support your business.


Inspirational speaker| coach|neurodivergent SPECIALIST

I provide teacher training for clients in all markets, to English teaching professionals everywhere. Since 2007 I’ve been consulting on ELT business development and materials and I present at events and run workshops and webinars on many areas of English language teaching.



I help tech startups to generate game-changing PR for their businesses so that they can create a buzz around their brand. I'll help you attract ideal investors and inbound requests from editors and journalists who want to feature your amazing tech, and ideas. 


pr strategist