Marketing Strategy

Reach your ideal customers by combining creativity & curiosity to build digital campaigns with real impact.

Planning to Achieve your Goals

We know the content that works on the key social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’re abreast the trends and can interpret the analytics on these sites and can help you grow your network, which is a step towards strong business connections and partnerships.  We’ll do all this and help you reach your specific goals. 

Digital Media

Digital media is fascinating and powerful because it’s super person-orientated, yet also data-driven – you get to engage with how people think and also see how and what they do.

Social Media Marketing

It’s not just social media marketing, it’s a big, warm, pleasurable social media experience for your audience. Your brand needs to ring loud and clear through all the right platforms and we’re going to show you how.

Analytics & Insights

Be all seeing and all knowing. This strategy helps you unleash the awesome capability of data. Discover what your customer wants, likes, needs and does. This is not just great power, it is super power.


Social media is just one facet of digital marketing – do you have a website, a blog and an email campaign?  If you don’t, we can help you set them up and ensure they’re targeted to your audience by guiding your team on having impactful content that inspires readers.  We can work together to decide if you want organic or paid traffic and how to go about this. 

Keeping it Trendy

At the EdTech Lobby, we’re in tune with the trends in social media and can interpret the analytics on these sites and can help you grow your network; developing strong business connections and partnerships.

Note: None of this is possible without knowing your market: we’ll build your customer avatar profiles with you so you know your company is reaching those who need you. 

Empowering your Team

Closer to home, we know on-boarding employees is crucial and we’ll help you to put in the strategies to ensure your team is confident to independently achieve your marketing objectives.