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We have clients in over 59 countries and still counting!

Savvy businesses should realise the importance of breaking into the global marketplace. If your company plans to expand into the global arena or use global partners (e.g. agents, distributors), it’s of absolute importance to understand and appreciate the culture and habits of the people with whom they’ll be doing business. The EdTech Lobby team prides itself in being made up of global citizens ready to help companies leap into overseas markets.

Why Apply Strategy?

Application of a global strategy will help your company to find and enter into new markets that ensure greater sales for you. New markets create new customers and new opportunities  that result in increased sales and profits.

Improve Brand Recognition

With our strategies you have the potential to be a globally recognised brand! We will assist your company, enlarge its customer base in the worldwide market and increase its sales volume.

Diversification of Business

When a domestic company steps-out for an international market, a global strategy helps it to offset losses that your company might suffer during the economic downturn of its domestic country. 


Are you aiming to grow cross-global? Are you wanting to reach all four corners of the Earth? We can help you do that. Our team of Business Nurturers and Strategists have grown the country-reach of companies by almost 500% from being present in 10 countries at buy-out to 59 countries at the point of selling – and that’s just one product!

We help to determine where you are now, where you are trying to get to,  and how to get there.

We ensure that all processes are aligned with your strategy for the business.

We simplify your business processes wherever possible.

We lead change, not just manage it.

…Through Strong Relationships

Our key strength lies in the relationships we form. We reach out, we’re open and honest and deal in empathy. It’s the human touch that makes the representation of our products so effective and we can help you develop this if you desire. We know what makes people tick, the messages they want to hear and how to communicate these messages with a personal element.  Future-proofing and adaptability are crucial in this post-COVID world and our team will ensure your disruptive vision has the staying power it deserves.

Meet our Global Strategist

Hi, I'm Danijela

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I help companies, start-ups, countries and cool people commercialise
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