Engage Everyone - Always

Use all the mechanisms and strategies that make games exciting and addictive to sustainably drive engagement, learning and performance.

Gamification Planning and Design

Our team will help you decide how to modify parts of your company’s procedure into gamified elements.  We’ll explain different options for gamification and work closely with you to decide which elements are best-suited to your business. 

Drive Engagement

Gamification isn't just a buzzword. Done correctly, it triggers real, powerful human emotions. It generates positive user experiences, increases engagement and loyalty.

Enhanced Learning

Gamification modifies the brain's reward- and pleasure-centres and improves learning. When learners are publicly, or even privately, recognised, they feel more satisfied and accomplished.

Boost Performance

Gamification is really about motivational techniques to help people engage better with their work. Providing a reward system or incentive to progress, increases learners' activity and performance.

Gamification Programming, Software Development and Integration

Our team can help you create a new gamified element to your business or enhance an existing one.

We’ll thoroughly research the market, understand your company, your aims and your customers and create a stellar plan for effective gamification; tailored to your needs. After thorough testing, feedback and improving, we’ll help you implement the gamification strategy with development teams and we’ll happily project-manage this for you.  If your business is more suited to have full game design and creation, our team have worked in the games industry for years and know how you can become a gamechanger whilst still being true to the desires of your players. 

Meet our Gamification Expert

Hi, I'm Emma

Creative Director | Digital Strategist | Gamification | Games Design Digital Design | QA | UX | Scrum Master | Project Management 

Want to add a bit of fun and engagement to your product? With experience in AAA games and K-12 classroom applications, I can help your business or brand effectively implement a Gamification strategy that not only suits your business objective but also engages with your audience.