Digital Strategy

Inspiring possibility and building engaging digital experiences for your business!

The Future is Digital 

In a digital age, it’s understandable that you want to digitise your product.  But how do you do this?  We’ll work closely with you and get to know your product and your goals to ensure technology is utilised to the best of its advantage so your product sits firmly in the digital world.

Behind the Strategy

We believe human experiences drive business. Our strategy team establishes ‘human experience’ as the principal benchmark when implementing a digital strategy. Our mission is to find useful and desirable outcomes for you!

Discover Digital

Whether you're transforming, integrating or optimizing your business we'll assist in creating immersive personalised customer experiences. Discover how digital technologies can drive better value for your business!

Customer Journey

EdTech Lobby's customer journey and experience mapping consultants can interpret user experience insights in the right way to confidently help your company become more customer-centric. 

How We Make it Work

Your product is great on paper; it’s a living, breathing thing, but only in your hands.  How do you digitise it using the best, appropriate technology? We’ll get to know your product as well as you do, learn your aims and objectives and formulate a plan with you to maximise the application of tech in a way that enhances your product. We can confidently plan, advise and strategise on the best approach and the best tech to use for your final outcome. Whether you want to digitise a whole product or gain some ideas on features for implementation, we can help. If you already have a digital product but it’s not working for you; our team will identify what’s going wrong and we can advise how to fix this.

Our Specialty 

Our Business Nurturers and Strategists have planned and strategised physical book courses and curricula into online learning programmes, and we can also help you decide if you want to use VR or an online course with your blended games.

Note: Not only will all our digital strategy advice ensure your product is fit for purpose, but we’ll also make sure it’s suitable for your target market and fits within your budget. 

Why Clients Choose Us


Collaborative and communicative approach for with all our client engagements. 


In-depth user research, usability testing & analytics reviews to fully understand your customer.


Rigorous testing and validation of ideas throughout the design and development process.


We help you personalize and effectively target your content to powerfully connect with your customers.


We design consistent, yet personal, digital experiences. Keeping the customer in mind.


We always deliver intuitive and engaging digital solutions that are cost effective.